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Our Team

With heart for creativity we share a life together living the beauty of art and culture. Our family company is created based on core values, we would love to share them with your. Please read more below. 

Shewska Verberne
Founder & Artisan

Born in Colombia, raised in Aruba living in the Netherlands
Birthday: 09-07
Likes: potatos!

Drogon Mondragon

Born and living in the Netherlands, Proud Haagenees.
Birthday: 19-07
Likes: Feathers, for an unknown reason.

Hector Ruiz
Digital Director

Born in Colombia, raised in Aruba living in the Netherlands
Birthday: 29-09
Likes: Beer!

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Eugenie Wijdenbosch Artisan

Born in Indonesia, living in the Netherlands
Birthday: 19-10
Likes: Music and Dancing!

Our Values

It is important for us to create a bond with you. 

To maintain a strong relationship with our community we have specific values that determine who we are as a brand.

Our core values are:

Awareness: of our surrounding, our environment and our footprint.

Support: for our community and our society.

Quality: in each product, collection and project. 

 Unity: in the arts through passion and creativity.

Harmony: in what we think, what we say and what we do.  

Growth: as creatives and as humans. 

Our purpose

We are committed to remain a brand with purpose:

– That remains sustainable.

– That provides value.

– That educates and inspires.

– That supports creativity.

– That collaborates with social movements.