From the Passion to Express Art in different Forms.

Handmade Jewelry and Accessories from the heart

The Beauty of Artisanship 

Our brand was created with great admiration and respect for art and culture. 

Our Artisans transform basic raw material into adornments like jewelry or accessories without the help of machinery or automation. This is the beauty of artisanship, which makes every product different from the others. 

The techniques used in artisanship are mostly ancient and are passed from generations to generations. This beautiful art form is a cultural heritage; it has the particularity of varying depending on the climate, the landscape and the history of the place from where it is inspired. 

Most artisans imprint symbolic and ideological values of their local culture to the pieces they create.

Artisanship was used for ceremonies, ornaments, costumes, or festivities. Nowadays it has several meanings and values. For some people the value lies between design and art. For others it is a continuation of the traditional techniques and believes. 

We invite you to explore the beauty of culture and art through authentic Artisanship.


What we do

We mostly use gemstones, organic material and/ or recycled material to elaborate collections using ancestral techniques. This means that many of our products are elaborated with techniques that have been passed from generations to generations. We buy crystals and gemstones mostly from local stores. However, we also buy from international organizations that create recycled and ethical material to elaborate artisanship. Our artisans are recognized, respected and valued, they are the heart of our brand. We also focus on passing down the knowledge of these ancestral techniques to the future generations.

We elaborate products that tell stories and we are committed to provide jewelry with meaning. 

Art & Culture

Through art we express the emotions that lies deeply within our being, through culture we connect with each other; sharing feelings and experiences, through both we understand each other.   

Art and culture enrich and nourishes our inner life and it boosts our creativity and imagination. We learn through art and culture to tolerate, to motivate, to inspire and to empower each other.

They are sources of wisdom, wonder, history and delight that provides us emotional and intellectual experiences. Art and Culture increases the opportunity to learn, entertain, improve and grow together and as individuals.  

We feed our creativity, we support ethnical and vibrant communities, we express emotions, we enhance physical and mental health, and we enhance self-growth, all through art and culture.   

Our brand is committed to support and promote art and culture through Artisanship. Our ambassadors are creatives that make the world a better place with their talent and kindness.  

We support artists, we celebrate their talents and we join them in their journey.  

We create from the heart, for the artists, for the genuine, for the free spirits, the optimists, the dreamers.  



“My goal as an earthling is to support and promote art and culture through everything I do”

Shewska M. Verberne

A Desire, Story time with Shewska

I made my first piece of jewelry when I was 13. I made a necklace from stones and thread for my mother and it became popular among her friends. Since then, I made jewelry for myself, for my family and for friends. During the last year of my bachelor, I thought of many ways of how I could combine my passion for art with my business career. I wanted to create a ‘’something’’ that would provide me the opportunity to connect with people through creativity. Moreover, I always wanted to promote the beauty and the importance of art itself. I also grew up respecting and admiring artisans. I wanted to promote their talent and show the world the magic that people can create with their hands, the treasure that these ancient techniques represents and the beauty of storytelling through artisanship. 

I wanted to give meaning and intention back to jewelry and to create pieces that would express divers’ personalities.

Artisanship means for me authenticity, it is a combination of art and culture. Therefore, it is perfect for everyone that wants to wear an authentic and symbolic piece with value beyond the material that it was made from.

The brand was always a desire in my heart.

Thank you for being part of this journey.

Enjoy the ride.


A ride with Shewska


Hi! You are still here, would you like to hear more about my story? Buckle up!

My story starts in Cali Colombia. I was born in a beautiful city, where salsa, great food and passionate people can be found in every corner. Santiago de Cali is the most populous city in southwest Colombia. The tropical climate and the happiness of our people make our city a great attraction for local and international tourists. Colombia is a country rich in Artisanship, this is for us a cultural heritage; it is our history, our connection with the ancestral and the identity that passes through generations. Many of the products you might see, are from Colombian Artisans, especially the Iraca collection. 


My family moved to Aruba when I was just an infant, this paradisiacal island saw me grow. Aruba provided me with great opportunities for my personal development, unforgettable experiences and most of all a beautiful home. The crystal blue beaches, the white sand and the delicious food is just a small part of the beauty of our multicultural island. Aruba is home for people from at least 40 different nationalities! However, the island has its own identity and its own culture remains. Aruba is also a home for many local artisans that create beautiful pieces made specially from ceramic and porcelain. The beauty of this artisanship is shared with tourists through souvenirs. 


My family moved to Aruba when I was just an infant,  this paradisiacal island saw me grow. Aruba provided me with great opportunities for my personal development, with amazing unforgettable experiences and most of all a beautiful home. The crystal blue beaches, the white sand and the delicious food is just a part of the beauty of this small island. Aruba is where everything came to practice: my love for dance and my passion for artisanship.

The Netherlands

When I turned 19, I moved to the Netherlands to study. After graduating I decided to stay in the country and build a life here. The Netherlands is also where my father was born, which makes this country even more special. I had the opportunity to reconnect with my family from this side of the world and meet my father’s culture closely. Moving to the Netherlands has been a beautiful rollercoaster experience. My years in the Netherlands have been the transition of becoming a young adult, where I learned to be independent and work for my dreams.


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