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Tortuga Hicotea Armband

Silver Steel

Wood beads

Ecuadorian Suede cord.


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This design is inspired in the turtle species of Colombia, in particular the Hicotea.

Colombia is a mega biodiversity country. It is the second country in South America rich in turtle species after Brazil. There are 36 species of turtles: 28 of them are from fresh water, including the one introduced: the red-eared Hicotea.

The situation of continental turtles is very delicate since 40% of the total is in danger. This is mainly due to overexploitation for local consumption and illegal trade like: eggs, hatchlings and laying females. Also the transformation destruction and contamination of habitats.

This is another wake up call, that we need to protect our nature and our environment. We need to stop the trade in wild animals, specially the ones in highest risk.

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