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Turtle Path- Armband or Choker-Out of stock

Multicolor Colombian cord,

Wood beads,

Silver steel turtle charm.



Out of stock


From March to September is turtle nesting season on Aruba. This magical event happens on the beaches of the island surrounded by barricades.

The hatching takes places from May to November and incubation takes approximately 60 to 70 days.

Beautiful facts according to :

· Sea Turtles return to their natal beach in order to nest.

· Sea Turtles use the earth’s magnetic field to guide them on their long journeys.

· The Leatherback Sea Turtles of Aruba lay about 115 eggs a clutch.

· The Leatherback female will nest 6 – 8 times a season.


· All species of sea turtles are endangered and need our protection.

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