New Beginnings

After four months of being offline, four months of being restoring, brainstorming and rebuilding our brand, we are happy to share with you our new website and new projects. A year ago, we registered in the chamber of commerce. A year ago, we officially started a brand, a company but most of all, a community. We have been creating, connecting and building with you what we call a brand with purpose.

We have been sharing our love and passion for art and culture; and it’s been a beautiful journey. We are grateful for having you being part of this journey. We took these past months to recharge for 2020, to clear our minds and define new goals and projects. However, that ‘’break’’ took us longer than what we expected. Seeing the circumstances since February, we decided to take another month to analyze the situation and focus on solutions. Many of you who have been following us since the beginning might know that we have an agency of online marketing, consultancy and graphic design. The chaos of the coronavirus started for us already in mid-February asking more of our attention and our energy. It became hard to combine our projects and our brand. We have always put transparency, coherence and unity as important values that determine our brand. Therefore, we wanted to share with you the reasons of our absence.
We have beautiful projects for 2020. We are excited to share them with you and hoping these strange times pass soon. Therefore, we can keep building without limitations a positive, conscious and responsible community that is driven by love, creativity and unity.
One of the main projects coming that have us very excited and motivated, is our partnership with artisans. We are committed to support art and culture through our brand, we believe in the power and the benefits it has on our society. We want to reconnect with our ancestral knowledge and support ancient techniques that has traveled through generations. We are aware of the exploitation of artisans, and the disingenuous marketing that big corporations and companies do to sell ‘’handmade jewelry and accessories’’. As an artisan and designer myself, I am aware of the unfair treatments in this industry. We will always openly share the story behind every collection created by other artisans for our brand. Our values are: unity and coherence. Unity between artisans and coherence in what we say and what we do.
Now more than ever, we realize how important it is to be united as earthlings, and what better way to unite than through art and culture. Sharing the most beautiful and positive aspects of being earthlings.
The collections you see at this moment on our new website are a recreation of our best sellers and new designs I created during Christmas holidays. These three collections: raices, tera and boss are close to my heart.
The past month we have been thinking how we could provide help and support to nowadays situation, we decided that we will donate to a social project.
We will present you three current social projects; the one with the most votes will be the one we will donate 50% of our profit.
It is true we are going through hard times. A time where it is essential to unite, to focus on solutions and to maintain a high frequency.
Let’s remember that ‘’Fear is the lowest frequency on the planet, we should let love guide us not fear’’. (Ralph Smart).
Let’s find first the calm in this chaos, quiet the mind and let the soul speak. We decide where to invest our focus and our energy. Let’s focus on positive thoughts and rebuilding a new reality driven by love.
In this moment, when life pressed the ‘’pause’’ bottom, we can use this ‘’break’’ as a blank canvas. Let’s choose now the right colors and materials to create a new piece of art. Where we consider the importance of taking care of our planet and all that lives on it.
Thank you for being part of our journey, take care, stay healthy, stay positive and please stay home.
Team Shewska.
Drogon, Hector and Shewska.

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