Collection Rise

Happy healing and rising year!

RISE is a very divers collection with a vintage tone. Inspired in the diversity of our being. We wish to empower you through this year with this new collection. 

We believe that with perseverance, optimism and union, we will rise again. It’s time to heal and overcome. It’s time to spread good vibes and Rise Up.

This beautiful collection is elaborated with love by our local artisan: Eugenie.


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Our Mission

We support and promote art and culture through authentic artisanship. 

We provide you jewelry and accessories that allows you to express yourself. We create collections with ancient techniques from around the world that tell stories about culture and art. We work closely with artists, we embrace, support and promote their art. We bring back the use of jewelry and accessories to make a statement of who we are and what we value. We bring back meaning and intention to jewelry.

And through the journey we connect you with Art & Culture.

Our Vision

To be The Brand that you Trust; The Brand that motivates you and empowers you to embrace your talents and express your authentic self. 

We want you to explore the world with us in a beautiful Creative Journey. We want to share a free-spirited and open-minded lifestyle with you. 

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